The Vision


1200 Seater Church / Community Building.


Greetings Ministers, partners, and friends in the wonderful name of Jesus.

We want to share with you our exciting vision and opportunity that has come to us in the body of Christ. It is to build a brand New Church / Community facility that will be a lighthouse in the heart of Newtown, in Birmingham, the UK from which God will bring transformation to many live’s locally and to the wider community in the body of Christ.


  • Thank you for Supporting our Church building program, join us to raise £8.5 million towards our “Church / Community building” A place of refuge. Thank you!

Support the Vision and let’s make a difference there 7 people that GOD is Going to Lead to this SITE who has and can donate £1 million very easily, this gift is Going to open DOORS you never dreamed possible.  ! please be obedient to His Voice!! We have the Site, We just Need your donation to start Building!!!



We have located the site on which we intended to build you can see this on our homepage and in our “Our Ministry header” on our site., its in a  beautifully placed location within the area of Birmingham which will benefit many who need our help. We believe now-more-than-ever that God has a plan and a purpose for us in this area. We believe His purpose for us is to share the Goodness of Jesus and the hope of the Gospel, to every hurting soul. This we be a Place of High Worship, Intercession, Deliverance & Breakthrough for all, There are seven main problems were we are called to shine the light & Love of Jesus too.


1) Young people
2) High unemployment
3) High teenage pregnancy
4) Drug addiction
5) Mental health
6) Domestic violence
7) The Disadvantaged


With this building, we will be better able to implement and facilitate constructive and positive Change. We need your help and prayers. If you join us with your support by applying the principle of sowing and reaping into our  Vision. We believe that god almighty will add His blessing to your life and vision according to His word.

The book of  Galatians Chapter 6 verse 10 (Knox), says; let us practice generosity to all, while the opportunity is ours; and above all, to those who are of one family with us in the faith.

It is the act of obedience that releases the favor of God in our life. Please prayerfully consider supporting the vision, however, God leads you. Thank you!

Ephesians chapter 6 verse 8, say’s: what you make happen for someone else, God will make it happen for you. We covet your prayers above all,

  • Thank you for Supporting our Church building program, join us to raise £8 million towards our “Church / Community building” Thank you!