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The mission of BIRMINGHAM VICTORY UNITY CENTRE is to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to teach Christians who they are in Christ Jesus and How to live a victorious life in their covenant rights and privileges as born again believers. Our mission is to presents Jesus Christ, as redeemer and friend and help bring individuals whom the Lord God will draw to a place where they can operate confidently in the biblical principles of faith, hope, love, prosperity, and peace, so they can be in a position were they can share these same principles with others. Matthew 28:18 – 20

God Bless You and Thanks for  dropping by!!

Apostle Devon & Pastor Marvis Mckenzie

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At Birmingham Victory Unity centre your faithful tithes, offerings and other financial gifts will make a BIG difference. Please prayerfully consider how father God is leading you to give today. 

Birmingham  Victory Unity Centre there are several ways to give. Each way accomplishes the same goal – you get to honour God as you faithfully give into His work its gets done as a result.

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